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I stand for:

-   Protecting our Environment

-   Building a Vibrant 21st Century Economy

-   Supporting Strong Public Schools

-   Fighting for Local Control


I am currently running for the Democratic nomination for the open Wisconsin 1st District Assembly seat. I believe in hard work, individual rights, family values, personal, corporate and government accountability, and in keeping decisions at the local level.

If given the privilege to serve, I will work 24/7 to first listen to the citizens of the 1st Assembly District, to thoroughly research each issue in a scientific, nonpartisan manner, and to represent our best interests in Madison.

I pledge to protect our environment, which is the heart of our valuable tourism industry and quality of life. I will work tirelessly to grow small businesses and local manufacturing, which are the lifeblood of our community. Keeping our local public schools strong is a top priority. They are the pride of our communities and the foundation of our democracy. Lastly, I will expose and work to stop the outflow of taxes to Madison and start to return those dollars to serve the people of the 1st Assembly District.

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